Who We Are

We are an acoustical consultancy specializing in the engineering of sound and vibration in the built environment. We are founded on over 20 years of experience in the building construction industry.

What We Do

The built environment is created by many talented people working in concert to achieve a harmonious result. Our contribution is made through proactive and collaborative teamwork. We cross traditional boundaries between disciplines by sharing insights and ideas to develop holistic solutions.

How We Do It

Acoustics is a physical phenomenon that can be directed for our benefit. The most effective approach to the transformation of phenomena is an engineering approach. Engineers use a scientific understanding, mathematical models, economics, practical knowledge and creative insight to effect a desired outcome.

Why We Do It

Americans, on average, spend 87% of their lives in the built environment. Studies show a causal relationship between noise level and reduction in productivity. More significantly, environmental noise is inextricably linked to the quality of our health. We provide acoustical engineering services to improve the performance and health of people in the built environment.